Can I Tell You a Secret?

Anna Kang‘s frog character in Can I Tell You a Secret? talks to the reader. Monty brings

Related imageyou right in by asking to come in closer to share a secret. This secret is somewhat of a surprise because the frog is afraid of water. He shares his thoughts and the reader gets to help him explain his secret to his parents. The illustrations by Christopher Weyant add emotion to this private, moment in time.

Enjoy listen to the book on this video clip.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Can I Tell You a Secret?:

  • Second person narrative – Monty draws the reader in to share his secret
  • Problem – three tries and then the solution
  • Community Building – beginning of the year, discuss that everyone has obstacles and can grow, learn
  • Friendship – the reader becomes a friend to Monty and helps him
  • Varied Sentence Types – questions especially



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