The Thing About Spring

When the cold has lasted for several days, I am always ready for spring in Indiana. Sure,Image result for The thing about spring the ground gets muddy and rain comes. But, I am ready for warmer weather. I wonder if Daniel Kirk was thinking the same thing when he wrote the book, The Thing About Spring. 

Rabbit doesn’t take on the usual cheerfulness. He is lamenting the fact that winter is leaving. His snow is disappearing and he won’t be able to do throw snowballs. His three friends, Bird, Mouse, and Bear bring in a new opinion. They are persuading their friend to notice the good in spring.

What are you doing, Rabbit?” Mouse called.

“Saving snow, while I still can,” Rabbit grumbled. “We won’t see any more of this until next year!”

“But spring is coming,” Bird chirped. “Aren’t you excited?

In the end, Rabbit is amazed at the surprise spring can give.

Savorings for reading and in writing for The Thing About Spring:

  • Opinionshow to persuade someone to see your viewpoint
  • Repeating PhraseThe thing about spring is …”
  • Magic of 3words in a series, sentences
  • Community Buildingfriendship; notice the positive
  • Character ChangeRabbit notices the surprises spring can bring
  • Science Connectiontalk about the changes in the seasons.
    • Pair it with another book about fall to winter; compare changes

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