I Wanna Go Home

March 1, 2018

Karen Kaufman Orloff captures the voice of a child begging to change his circumstances. Kids are the best at persuasion. They insist. They give reasons. And they insist some more.

In I Wanna Go Home, Alex isn’t not thrilled with going to his grandparents instead of staying with a friend. His view point is limited. David Catrow captures the many faces of Alex as his perspective changes. The reader learns of his pleas to his findings to his adventures through letters (a delightful writing habit that many kids may not even recognize.)

Karen Kaufman Orloff has created a website with activities linked to her I Wanna books. Clink on the link here to see ways to use this text for persuasive writing.

Enjoy hearing from Karen in this 2 min video.  (Read an interview with Karen about writing this book.)

Savorings for I Wanna Go Home:

  • Persuasive
  • Letter writing/ emails/ correspondance
  • Dedication – the grandparents’ names in the dedication are the same in the book
  • Voice
  • Childhood encounters – false teeth, hearing aides
  • Parent vs. child perspective
  • Different meanings – “Did you know that when you go square dancing you actually spin in circles?”
  • Generation Connections
  • Descriptions before his name – Swam Boy Alex

SOL: Lion or Lamb

March 1, 2018

March 1st blew in with visions of sunshine and green.

Golf cupcakes at Tim’s graduation last June. Green.

Green wishes. Sunshine hope.

Yesterday 56 degrees. 🙂

Rain this morning.

Ting. Ting on the window alerted my sense to – wait… SNOW?!

Walking in to class, I overheard the teacher sharing. “March first. In like a lion; out like a lamb.”

Shaking off the dismal cold, I smiled. Sunshine, you are coming!