What Do You Do With a Problem?

March 26, 2018

Problems. They arise when you least expect it. Each one of us handles problems in different ways. Children are learning to handle problems, to see another person’s point of view or to face a fear perhaps. This book, What Do You Do With a Problem?, gives us an opportunity to teach children different ways of handling problems. It’s a great reminder for anyone.

“Every problem has an opportunity for something good. You just have to look for it.”

On this link, the first 1:37 seconds is a book trailer. The reader continues to read the book for the duration of the video.  Below is another read-aloud of the book.

The author, Kobi Yamada, gives his thanks to teachers as he reads his book Because I Had a Teacher.

Savorings for What Do You Do With a Problem?:

  • Magic of 3
  • Character thinking
  • Perspective
  • Repeating phrase
  • Building scenes
  • Face Challenges – “And the more I avoided my problem, the more I saw it everywhere.”