To-Do List


“Hello, To-Do List?! We need to talk.”

Getting comfortable, I began, “I’m not sure if you realize who the boss is, but as a reminder: It’s me.

To-Do List just stared at me, quiet, showing me its uses.IMG_1091

“Yes I know I’ve asked you to consult with me on time management and efficiency. I understand your purpose is to be helpful, a motivator in ways. I have a list for menus and groceries. The calendar did help me be consistent in completing the long-term project. The assignment was stacked and the little steps each day made it practical.

But to be frank: You’re a bit bossy!

To-Do List pointed to the colorful paper.

IMG_1072“The paper you suggested is cute and inviting. I do like the satisfaction of crossing off the items as I finish. Yes, the long list pad helps me organize my thoughts. I can brainstorm and it keeps track of what’s completed.

My issue is you keep reminding me of another project due in a month. Then you whisper the chore I forgot to list, so I add it. Then when I’m working on that said task, you interrupt me AGAIN with another project reminder. This happens numerous times. “

To-Do List just sat unmoved, unnerved by my accusation. It stared right back at me.

“I understand it’s necessary to remind me, but frankly – you need to stop interrupting in between tasks. Could you just wait until the end? I have a better idea. We need a new contract.

IMG_1080Please find someone to be my personal assistant to complete your to-do items. In fact, I would like a vacation. Find someone like me to carry on the work listed. It will be an absolute delight, refreshing, even rejuvenating to see the list items crossed off.

And when I return from said vacation, let’s begin with a short list. I will complete a few items, and you can just call that assistant back with anything else you think of. And no interrupting!! There is plenty on the list. I don’t need more.”

To-do List reflected on what I said. Satisfied, I got up to enjoy my book. Noting To-Do List hadn’t changed its expression, I added one final thought, “And I caution you to remember:  I’m the boss!


7 Responses to To-Do List

  1. elsie says:

    What a delightful post! I’m glad you told that list who was boss and you got to read a book without that list interrupting you! Well done!

  2. Ruth Ayres says:

    Oh, Mary Helen, I’m so glad you personified your To Do list. The voice is strong throughout and had me giggling. It is a delight to read. So fun that you are playing with the craft of your words.

    • MaryHelen says:

      Thank you. It was interesting to hear the conversation in my head and then thinking about how to transfer that banter to the paper. Even taking the article “the” away from “The To-Do List” at the beginning of its part changed the meaning. I was pleased with myself on this one. It was fun!

  3. Julie says:

    This was so fun to read! I could definitely use this kind of a talk.

  4. Terje says:

    This was funny. Be the boss. You have the power.

  5. Ramona says:

    Love this post. Sometimes To-Do list can be a bit, okay, can be a lot bossy. I love how you keep checking things off and staying focused. I’ve moved to a Ta-Da list. I write down what I accomplish and then add the check mark then and there!

  6. tamtomatoe says:

    Loved this, Mary Helen! I’m glad you communicate with even your To-Do List. This post may lead you to other characters in your realm!

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