Something New

Sometimes formatting my thoughts on the blog hinders me from writing. Today it occurred to me to try two things.

One: write free form, take a picture, and upload.

Two: try posting from my phone. I have always posted using my laptop.

I love colorful notepads!

Today my ears caught the song of a cardinal while I was writing. I saw the male yesterday outside my window and today, the female. The sounds of birds makes my heart happy.

A Cardinal’s song
Hello orange! Hello fall!
The view from my favorite writing spot!
I am so happy I wrote today!

9 Responses to Something New

  1. I love the way you worked about what hinders you – I have never thought of taking a photo. Good idea! Thanks for sharing that cardinal’s song. I am traveling in California right now and there aren’t cardinal around like they are in the East. I miss their music.

  2. Terje says:

    What a clever way to make it work for you, writing free hand and then posting a photo. Your handwriting is so beautiful capturing a beautiful moment.

  3. elsie says:

    Nature surrounds you with beauty and entertainment. Lovely view! I’m go glad you wrote too!

  4. Ruth Ayres says:

    I’m so happy you wrote, too! I hope this is a process that will work for you. I admire the way you savor the simple things in life.

  5. mrsday75 says:

    I love this post–love that you tried something new for you, that you shared beautiful pictures, and love how happy you are that you wrote.

  6. Ramona says:

    I love how you figured out what works for you. I hope your example reminds us that there are myriad ways to write and they all count! So glad you shared your beautiful moments with us.

  7. Julie says:

    I love the creativity of taking a photo of your writing and the recording of a cardinal! This was such a fun, free, and inspiring post–now I want to see how I can shake up my own writing!

  8. Everything works together… beautifully!

  9. Fran Haley says:

    Cardinals have been a lifelong favorite bird for me – on Easter Sunday, one was perched on the steeple of our church, singing his heart out … I found it especially poignant and profound, as church was closed due to COVID and I was only riding there with my husband to record his sermon for social media. It filled me with joy. Your freeform writing with the sun spilling across it and the blaze of foliage are so lovely. Joy just pours forth from your post!

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