6th Gratitude

Our school sponsored a pumpkin decorating contest based on a book character. I volunteered to be in charge this year and decided to give classrooms who participated books as prizes.

Two entries were drawn as the top winners: one sixth grade class and one first grade class.

6th grade Period One (A favorite book!)
6th grade Period Two (very creative!)
Absolutely fantastic!

As I started to look at the books I had for sixth grade, I realized I had enough books for each student in the grade level to take home. When kids have their own books, they are more likely to identify themselves as readers. I wanted each of them to feel special! Mrs. Clutter, their LA teacher, said they were so excited to receive them.

Today in my mailbox, a stack of cards were there for me. I’m touched! Their words mean so much to me. I didn’t even know they really cared.

Wow! Just wow!
Thank you for being so thoughtful for giving all the 6th grade books and mechanical pencils. The book I picked out was Almanac 2017. There is a lot of cool animals in it. Chapter 1. You are the one who help people get through chapter one. You teach them to read and spell and you make them smile. You are the person who makes a frown go upside down.

Those words made me sit back. I’m so touched by his little analogy. “And you make them smile.” This young man was a former student I worked with. He’s growing in his literacy skills, but what matters most is that he sees himself as a reader.

Wow! Just wow!

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