How to Find Books on my Blog:

I have created tabs that link the books I have blogged about.

  • Content AreasHealth, Science, Social Studies
  • Fun Reads –
    • Baseball Reads
    • Community Building
    • Fun Read Alouds
    • Love of Reading
    • Poetry
    • Writing Connection
  • Index – lists each of the books featured on my blog in alphabetical order and linked to the post for the review and noticings
  • Slice of Life stories – all of the slices from the Slice of Life Challenge in March over the past years and also on Tuesdays throughout the year; any stories about my daily life
  • Touchstone Texts – mentor texts that I use frequently with writing workshop. These books are not all in-compassing; they are just ones I have found along the way.
    • narrative
    • nonfiction
    • poetry
    • Deep Thinking Read Alouds: You can definitely use these books for writing mentor texts. I just have found the stories to linger with me long after reading them. They allow you to have some deeper conversations with your students at many grade levels.

What to Expect:

My goal is to post about a book every few days:

  • Some of the books are new releases
  • Some older books that are new to me
  • Other books I have been using for a while

After writing my thoughts about the book,

  • I will have around five bullets at the end for ways to use the text in writing or reading.  (You can always find several ways to use the text; I’m just choosing the top ways I think the book could be used.)
  • I will  link the author and illustrator’s website to the page if I can find it.
  • I will  link the book to Amazon so that you can have a visual of the text.

I welcome your comments.  It’s my goal to share ideas.  If you would like updates on my new blog entries, sign up on the home page.  Enjoy.

About Me:

A few years ago I began my journey as a writing coach at an elementary in Indiana.  My background is special education, having taught eight years at PES.  I joined a fellow group of writing coaches with the AllWrite!!! consortium and have evolved into a book lover and literacy coach.

My love affair with books began by reading Wondrous Words by Katie Wood Ray   Katie nudged me to go to the library and read, read, read texts.  My ears were hearing delicious words as my eyes were reading like a writer.  I invite you to join me in savoring some books.  Let the children catch your passion for reading.

Two Writing Teachers blog hosted me as a guest blogger, sharing my thoughts on savoring a book.

More about my journey with Book Savors.


5 Responses to About

  1. Toni Buzzeo says:

    What a great review of my book, The Library Doors. I’m wondering whether I can quote the text with a link to the original on my web page for the book?



  2. Thank you so much for including my book in your fantastic, thoughtful list, and for adding to it with your wonderful ideas for inspiring children. I am truly honored.

  3. Tam says:

    You know have pictures in the left and right margins!!! Every pause I get, I look to either side, wondering about the objects I see especially about the blue dish? or sunglasses? to the left. The picture of 3 on th right oppposite of charlie Brown, all the titles on the side, the dog in the book basket, and didn’t I see Carl somewhere? Once again the you comes out.

  4. the other ruth says:

    The bookshelf surrounding the post is awesome–it’s like the books are hugging or supporting your thoughts! Or maybe your thoughts are on the shelves right along with the books; living beside and among them.
    I like the new About section and think it’ll help your readers. I’m with a comment by Tam a while back–great things are in store for you and you are about to really take off with your writing, your blog is growing and evolving, and you are growing. Awesome!

  5. […] when I’m ready to read more, there are plenty of ideas to be had on Mary Helen’s blog, Book Savors. She uses her blog to smartly organize books. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this.   […]

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