Author: Kevin Henkes

October 13, 2011

Author Tidbits: a Pleasing Bit of Information

Kevin Henkes’s books create a springboard to build classroom community. Your students will think of several self-to-text connections that will invite class discussions. These connections will also lead to stories they relate with and can write about. One book focuses on accepting others in Chrysanthemum. View the below trailer (45 seconds) to introduce the book and spark predictions.

Greenwillow interviewed Kevin Henkes about his new book, Little White Rabbit. They produced a 2 minute video focusing on the writing process. Kevin shares how he rereads his text several times to make sure the words sounds exactly the way he wants it to. Kids need to hear authors revise by rereading, a simple yet necessary way to help their writing.

The fall season reminds me of the book, Old Bear. Click on the link to read an older post and the savorings you can use with this book.

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse is one of my favorite books. Kevin Henkes molds an everyday event into a story of forgiveness and restoration. Lilly is a young student who embraces school. She loves the activities and adores her teacher. Mr. Slinger creates an environment of fun and creativity. I love how Kevin Henkes highlights writing and drawing by have a learning station in the classroom.


Author: Margie Palatini

September 22, 2011

Author Tidbits: a Pleasing Bit of Information

Margie Palatini breathes her voice into her books. On her website, she describes her books as the “laugh out loud sort.” Her website is filled with a ton of information. She has a section on her inspiration, using an equation to best describe her ideas. Activities for students are included to have fun and explore their creative talents. For teachers, Margie has included several study guides and reader’s theaters.

On her video below, learn how she became an author and gained her ideas for The Web Files. She shares how the idea for her new book blossomed into  Hogg, Hogg, & Hog. It’s fun to hear her in person.

Author: Rosemary Wells

August 25, 2011

Author Tidbits: a Pleasing Bit of Information

Rosemary Wells has a passion for literacy. She promotes reading to young children, writing select stories for kindergarten children. Her Ruby and Max series is based on conversations she would hear her daughters share when they were little. The setting of the stories are familiar places children can relate to – home and school.

Her website has several helps for teachers and fun activities for children. She has three more videos in the Parents & Educators section explaining her two young adult novels. You will find some teacher guides for several of her picture books. She addresses a letter to parents, explaining the importance of reading to their child and the educational impact it will have. Some of her books are on video as well..

View her video clip below. She shares where her ideas come from and how her dogs play a role in her illustrations.

Rosemary Wells also shares about her child hood through this video. You will see pictures of her when she is young. I’m sure your students will enjoy seeing the author as a young girl.

Authors/Illustrators: Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel

August 11, 2011

Author Tidbits: A Pleasing Bit of Information

Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel write with a conversational, humorous voice in their books. When engaged in their books, you will feel as if you are having a conversation with them, or at least are sitting listening to them read their books. Harcourt interviewed them about their book, Jackalope. They share some sisterly information your children will enjoy.

Susan Stevens Crummel is the older of the two sisters. She has several teacher tip activities linked to her books. For example, her book, My Big Dog, has lesson ideas on perspective and differences. She has pictures of family photos, including her sister, Janet Stevens.

Janet Stevens has illustrated many books. On her website, she shares about her illustrations and has a slide show of pictures of herself when she was little. In her “stuff” section, Janet has a link titled “Blue Jay Reading Group”. She writes a letter to 3rd graders, sharing her story becoming a reader. I love her line “Jump into a book like a cool swimming pool on a hot summer day, and feel it all around you.” What a great way to encourage your students to read. View the YouTube video about one of their newest books, The Little Red Pen.

Author Tidbits: a Pleasing Bit of Information

July 28, 2011

Author Tidbits is something new I have decided to add to my blog. As I read children’s books, I like to gain some background knowledge about the author to share with the children. Making a connection to the author enriches their writing and boost their confidence.  It’s important to notice how the child is writing like an author and then state it to him/her.

As I have blogged about books, I try to link the author’s websites to the post. I am finding that several authors also have video clips linked on their websites or when I search Google. The interviews I’ve viewed are enriching as a writer, and I want my students to have that opportunity to feel connected. A new tab has been featured on my blog, listing the authors and a short summary of what you can find on their websites. I will also feature an author on my Thursday posts.

Today’s author:  Pamela Duncan Edwards

Pamela Duncan Edwards’s website features a for children tab that has puzzles, creative character building, and a number game as part of its features. Children will have fun exploring her website.  For teachers, Pamela has several lessons linked to her books. She has 9 Smart Board lesson links; I’m impressed. Two readers theaters scripts are listed as well. Pamela shares her biography in a conversational voice. She’s humorous, and I think children will connect with her.

Reading Rockets features an interview with Pamela. I enjoyed viewing the four short 2 minute video clips about how she began writing and her ideas behind the alliteration. She has collaborated with illustrator, Henry Cole, on 18 books. Have fun viewing!

I have posted about her books: Muldoon and The Worrywarts.