Truth is … Celebrations Make a Difference {Five Minute Fridays}

November 8, 2013


Last night, our writing group met. We meet monthly and share. We begin sharing how our school jobs are going (or retirement for Tam.) We share about our families. And, we share about our writing.

Truth is … we share in celebration and we love it!

Truth is celebration is the reason why we gather together. We share stories and listen. We encourage and nudge. We celebrate the little things in our writing lives. You see, when we share a story, it is the beginning of a writing piece. When we share, the truth comes from our hearts. We clap and laugh and listen with eyes wide open.

Truth is if we didn’t celebrate the little things, we wouldn’t be a writing group. Writing is hard. We take risks in sharing. We are courageous, brave and true.

And the truth is … these monthly celebrations are what keep me going, to keep writing and to keep working through the hard.


Celebrations make a difference! Celebrating Ruth Ayres’s new book, Celebrating Writers.

The Never-Ending Laundry

October 18, 2013

“Will the laundry ever end?” a young mother asked me once. I smiled and shook my head. Nope. Not ever.
I use to dread doing the laundry. I still can’t say it’s my favorite chore, but my attitude changed.

I posted about laundry once and a commenter’s wisdom made me think. She alluded to losing a loved one and how she misses doing the laundry. Having laundry means I have family.
Laundry means my son plays football and is active, healthy young man growing through the pain.
Laundry means my daughter is learning to find her beauty and being beautiful in sweatshirts as well as her blouses.
Laundry means I will see my college son and hear his stories of practice, mischievous moments, and just plain life.
Laundry means my husband has a job and cares enough to give a hand.
Laundry means love, family
And I am thankful I have it to do.