SOLC: I Finally Did It!

March 30, 2013

I finally did it!sols_6

After the many push ups and slide downs,

removing it and replacing it,

I finally did it!

No more holding something afar or

moving even closer.

No more nudges from concerned friends.

I finally did it!

The appointment was made.

I caved.

The inconvenience cause too much frustration.

I am done.

I finally made my eye appointment.

Bifocals are a necessity.

Frames chosen.

No line lenses.

One week.

I can’t wait to get my new glasses!

SOLC: The Ordinary becomes Spectacular

March 27, 2013


From Two Writing Teachers, Ruth Ayres posted

Lessons from a Chairmaker


The Ordinary becomes Spectacular!

It’s moments

like these

in the classroom and in my home

that make life

so enormously special.


drives excellence.


is my passion? How

can I spark

passion? Passion

fuels the energy to keep going.

In moments of passion,

my heart thrives… reflects… adjusts….

In the moments when the ordinary becomes spectacular,

my heart soars.

How can I keep

the passion going?

When I’m tired,

am I passionate? Does

my passion weary?

I must not!

Love Ruth’s post!

Great meaning

for each day of teaching,



SOLC: Nope. I’m Not a Robot!

March 18, 2013

I am not a robot! Nope. Hardly. I have laughter, cadence, variation in my voice. I think with reasoning, emotion, and heart. I empathize, reflect, and play.

Nope. I am NOT a robot!sols_6

I know I am not a robot, because a robot doesn’t have to push her glasses up to see the numbers or characters.

Nope. “I’m not a ROBOT” I want to say as my middle-aged eyes are adjusting, refocusing to pass permission to comment.

I’m not a robot, because a robot doesn’t have to move closer to the computer screen and decipher the melded letters.

Nope a robot wouldn’t care whether it’s comments brought pleasure to the author, whether encouragement was more important than eye strain.

Nope. I’m definitely not a robot, so to prove my aliveness, I will continue to squint and strain to verify my comments to appreciate your slicing efforts.


(This post idea happened last night when I pulled my glasses up, drew in close to the computer screen, when commenting. I verbally said, “Nope. I am definitely not a robot!”)

SOLC: Laundry

March 13, 2013

sols_6“I love you, Mom,” my college son said, walking in with his full laundry basket.

Laundry has been a topic I have written about in the past, in a post and in my mind’s notebook. It’s a recurring topic because much time is invested in this chore. Laundry. Just saying the name brings an array of feelings, thoughts, and sighs.

I want to say much time is invested in completing this chore. But completion is the issue – It’s. NEVER. done.

I’ve decided I don’t hate the chore. I find myself thinking about the person and praying for them too. The music in the room cheers my heart and brings energy.  I just like to check things off my list.  Laundry even gets a “did that” line through it most Saturdays.

But completed – hardly!

SOLC: The Funny Things Kids Say – LOL!

March 12, 2013

sols_6Treasures of the day – hearing a kid say something funny. Here are two from today:

During interactive writing group, Lil, a first grader, was writing the sentence we had just practiced. She looked up in the middle of writing a word and said, “Do you know one of Michael Jackson’s moves is?”

What I wanted to say was, “Where did that idea come from? We are writing about Spring. Does Michael Jackson have some correlation with the season?” Instead I replied with an inquiring look, “What?”

“He dances,” did a little shoulder move with a smile,  and on she went to writing the rest of her word. Really? He dances.

*              *              *             *            *              *

At the end of the day, waiting in the car pick-up line, Parker, another first grader, announced, “Hey, Mrs. Gensch, you are invited to my birthday party.”

“I am?” I replied.

“Yep. Guess how old I am?” smiling with anticipation.

“17,” my serious reply came.

“Nope. I’m 8! And I definitely know one thing?” Parker continued.

“What’s that?” my curiosity was ready for something about his party or a gift he got.

“I definitely have to start wearing deodorant.” His serious look and slight nod caused my coworker to turn around, holding back a smile. Me – I laughed, aloud, echoing down the hall. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings; I just couldn’t hold the chuckle in.

“I’m serious, Mrs. Gensch. I stink and I have to wear deodorant,” Parker smiled.

I hugged him. “Parker, good to know.”

At least he didn’t say he had to shave.





SOLC: Wrestling Tournament

March 2, 2013

sols_6Wrestling Tournament
Watching this sport wrenches my insides. It’s hard. My husband loves this game but has to work. It’s my turn. I love my son, support him, and go because I need to. It’s important.

Middle school – 35 miles away
Saturday – ALL day
TWELVE teams
Four mats
Three 1 minute periods
-some short
-some long, especially during a beat-down.
200 wrestlers
500 spectators
whistles, towel-throws, coaches’ bellowing voices
Fan shirt on
Cooler – snacks, water, lunch
bleachers – wooden, hard
-top spot for back support 🙂

“You won’t hear me but know that I’m cheering.”
A smile and a nod.
“Be careful. Don’t shoot down too far. Fight hard. I’m not sure what else to say. Dad’s not here.”
“Love you, Mom!”
Now I smile.
“I’m proud of you!”
* * * * *
Tim heads to the mat. For a quick moment, he glances up and catches my eye.
I signal the ‘be mentally tough’ sign. He nods.
It begins.

P.S. I wrote this slice during the beginnings of the tourney this morning. I couldn’t believe the amount of people who were there. Tim, placed fourth, after defeating a tough opponent. I had just come off the bleachers when he rounded the hall corner, looking for me, huge smile on his face. “I did it!” Sweaty, he wrapped me up in a hug and squeezed. I guess being there was all that mattered. 🙂

SOL: Laughs that Filled the Room

November 6, 2012

“Let’s have coffee,” I suggested to some ladies at church. I was like a little school girl inside all day today. Coffee at a local coffee shop at 7 p.m. I couldn’t wait!!

I have been missing time with female companionship. As a working mom, I often put myself last. I carpool my kids to school and sport events, friends’ homes and social outings. I shuffle through laundry and groceries, cleaning and cooking. I savor the quiet moments at home and snatch time to talk with my husband.

But time with friends … is infrequent.

Five of us sat around a table sharing stories – stories from our past that would crack us up; embarrassing moments shared for the first time. My laughter rang throughout the room. I had to keep covering my mouth to stifle the oh-my-goodness-this-feels-great laughter. Those who know me can attest that my laughs can fill the room (and down the hall). A couple of those slipped out tonight and the four ladies around me added their own. We were sitting at a college bookstore coffee shop enjoying snippets of our days, not caring about those around us.

After one grand ripple of laughter, I noticed three college students get up and leave. Then a few moments later, I noticed another couple leave. For a split second I thought, “Oh, I must calm down. I’m being loud.” The joy in my soul was too exuberant. We talked on. Then we noticed the coffee counter light being turned off. Another story was shared followed by laughter. I peeked around. No one was left at the tables nearby.

At that moment an employee passed by. “Excuse me, what time do you close?”

She smiled. “We closed at 8 p.m. but you sounded like you were having a good time.” Looking at each other, we laughed again. It was 8:20 p.m. Our laughter together hadn’t chased the customers away; it had been rejuvenating!

SOL: Noticing

September 25, 2012

Feel rushed? I do almost every day. Sometimes I’m rushed in the morning to get ready, especially if I linger over my coffee. Sometimes I’m rushed to get copies in the morning prior to the bell ringing.  Sometimes I’m rushed to get the kids to school prior and make it to work on time.

But in the rushed moments, I’m learning to notice.

Seeing my daughter allows me a moment to notice her beautiful hair and comment. Waiting on the copy machine allows me to notice a fellow teacher I rarely see. Morning drives allow me to notice the birds swarming near the trees.

Noticing? It’s not easy. But if I’m not noticing and listening, I may miss the beauty and comforts around me.

What have you noticed today?

SOL: I Have Two Dads

April 17, 2012

I said,"Smile," and Dad made an onry, cheesy grin that made his grandkids, Wes and my niece, Tori, laugh.

I have two dads.
My first dad created me, nurtured me, encouraged me. He loves my mom, has provided for the family, is still by my side. He is my biological dad and I love him.

My second dad adopted me twenty years ago, teases me, loves me as his own. He nurtured my husband, gives him advice, is still by our side. He is my father-in-law and I love him.

These two dads are friends. They have opposite view points at times, discuss their grandchildren, and pray together each week. My dad worked in an office: my second dad worked with his hands. My dad is a people pleaser; my second dad is tells it like it is. My dad raised one child; my second dad raised ten. They agree on one important point – to love us dearly. And, they are there for each other.

My second dad has lived with us for the past five years. He has grafted in to our family and has blessed our lives with his wisdom, stories, and care.

My second dad has been in the hospital for over a week, celebrating his 80th birthday on April 15. He was surrounded by loved ones of all ages, concern lying beneath the well wishes. My dad visited him that day, joking as usual. Their bond is strong which carries us along.

I have two dads…
A blessing that fills my heart.

The Urge

April 1, 2012

It’s 11: 48 p.m. and I’m writing. I was snuggling in to sleep, gently relaxing when … I didn’t post. Yep, I was nearly asleep and realized I had forgotten something. It’s writing. I did read a few posts today and commented. I am not sure if I will keep writing daily, but I’m back in the swing of it. I have several books to post and am anxious to savor a several more this week during Spring Break.

I read my post about Elizabeth to my mom today. She loved it and asked for a copy. She has the picture already displayed, but I know the words were a gift. I don’t think I would have written that piece if it hadn’t been for Jessica Whitmore writing her piece about her son. I know there was another lady who wrote about her son and how to answer the question, “Do you have children?” (Sorry; it’s late. I’ll look it up tomorrow and link.) So many times I would read a post and an idea would come. I learned how to strike out a word to show my thinking from Christy Rush-Levine. I learned much from you all and will continue to do so on Tuesdays. See you then!