Cara’s Kindness

February 17, 2018

Pay it forward. In a time when turmoil and fear encircle us, we can choose to break the mold by helping others. Cara’s Kindness is a story of one character putting aside her problem to help another. In turn, the pay it forward then goes from one friend to another character. View a snippet of the book on this link. Kids of all ages can begin to think of ways to help others around them. Start in your classroom. Encourage it at home. How can they help the community?

The story also features a growth mindset.

“Well of course! That’s part of skating {or any part of life}. So the first think you need to learn is how to get back up.”

Kristi Yamaguchi shares her book at this link. She also has a website, Always Dream Foundation, that focuses on supporting early literacy and paying it forward to children in need.

Savorings for Cara’s Kindness:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Repeating line – “No worries…just pass on the kindness!
  • Alliteration – gracefully glided, character names
  • Theme – Caring makes a difference!
  • Small Moments in Time
  • Every day happenings

Robot Fun

July 26, 2012

Browsing the library display, my eye was drawn to Clink by Kelley DiPucchio.The lone robot enticed me and I am so glad. This book is one I want for my collection. There are so many reading strategies, community building, and writing craft lessons that can be used with this book. Boys and girls will be delighted with the character and feel the emotion weaved throughout the story.

Clink the robot, illustrated by Matthew Myers, will connect with every child’s heart. He wants to be exciting, fun, and new like so many of the other robots in the store. Instead, he’s old-fashioned and not upgraded.The illustrated scenes remind me of a child who is looking on to the joyful happenings, wanting to be included, but not knowing how.

The book, Clink, has several underlying themes dealing with acceptance for who you are, not being good enough to fit in, or recognizing your talent. This book is a great way to introduce theme or author’s message and can be a springboard for discussing community with children of all ages. Click here to view a Vemo video book trailer.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Clink:

  • Onomatopoeia and Alliteration – Plink! Pop! Ping!
  • Magic of 3 – with sentences
  • Personification – relate to the thrown-out, non-updated robot
  • Theme – not being good enough or acceptance for who you are
  • Asides – adds voice
  • Love the Dedication –