Slice of Life

My slice of life stories:

2 out of 3 ain’t bad

10 Cents

73% + 27% = One-Kidney Survivor

an Addiction

Advice from the Coatroom

AllWrite!!! Summer Institute

April Fool’s Day

A Babe Ruth Call-Out Pitch

Baseball A to Z

Baseball Banter

Baseball Cards

Baseball Lingo

Baseball Morning

Being Needed

Boys and Revenge

Brain or Feet Tired


Carl Anderson

Cause Your the Bestest

Charlie Brown


A Comfy Chair

Comfy Pajamas

Connecting with the SOLC Community

The Cosby Show

the Creativity of a Young Child


Dinner Conversation


Distressed or Taking a Rest

Don’t You Think Someone Should Go?

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

Drum Lessons

Duh, Mrs. G

Editing Skills

Electric Fence

An Epiphany in the Laundry Room

Family Talk

First Grade Inspiration

First Grade Notebooks

First Graders

Flip Flops

Florida Sunshine

Football Rain

Footprints in the Snow

Forming a Slice in my Head

Friday Night


From a Toddler to a Sixteen Year Old


Full Moon

Funny Things Kids Say

Generation Transfer

Grandma’s Cookies

Great Laugh for Today


Grocery Shopping

Handwritten Notes

Happiness is…

Happy Birthday (Elizabeth)

Happy Birthday My Friend

Happy New 2010


How do you know that Baseball Season has begun?

I am … the Van

I couldn’t have done it without you

I Have Two Dads

I Should Get One Like That

I Survived

I’m Good at …

I’m Losing my Memory

I’m Older than You

Is Your Mind Like Mine?


James Patterson

Kids Say the Cutest Things

Kinder Connection

Kindergarten Innocence

Kindergarten Round up

Kindergarten Snippets

Kindergarten Writing Conference

Kindergarteners Learning Chinese?

Kindergarteners Say What They Think


Laughs That Filled the Room


Learning From You

Let the Slices Begin

Let’s Review, My Son

the Library

Little Things I Hold Dear

Lucille Ball plus Junie B. Jones

M & Ms

MRA great books

Made My Day

March Freshness

March is my New Year’s Eve

March Madness – reflection

Me – a Midget?



Morning Delights

Morning Noises

Mrs. C

My Back Story

My Dreams Come True

My Kids Are On My Mind Today

My Smile for the Day

My Sunshine of Happiness

My Writing Group

Niece’s Poem

Nope. I’m Not a Robot



Noticing the Little Things

Off to Michigan

Oh Dear!

Older Brother Pride

an Ordinary Day

The Ordinary Becomes Spectacular

Organizing my Week

Our Daughter Is So Beautiful


Please, Can I Have a Book?


Puppy Poetry

Purrfectly Delightful

Questions and Reflections

Quiet School Moments

Rainout Brings Delight


Reflections 2012

Reflections from a Writer

Rot0 Rooter, Where Are You?

Rushed Mornings


Saturday (seesaw text)

Sentence Structure +Playing with Words = Practice

Serving Increased Thankfulness

Sharing my Work


Silence is Golden

Silent No More

Slight Case of Forgetfulness

Small Group Reunion

Spark that Linked

Spiderman Zapped

Spring is Anew

Stop and Listen



The Substitute Report

Sunday Afternoon (yawn)


Sunshine (Florida)

Swimming Pools

Taco Dip + Painted Toenails = Writing Group

Teacher Antics

Teenage Humor


The 38 Degree Game


Things I Love

Thinking Through My Fingers

Today I Touched the Sky



Trust for Reflection

Uplifting Comments

The Urge

Want to Know a Secret?

Want Your Notebook?

Wave and Smile

Wave from the Lake

What is…?

Where did the Gray come from?

Where Have I Been?

Where She’s From


Who Signed Me Up for This?

Why my Mind is Tired

Working Alongside my Students (literally)


Wrestling Tournament


Writing Group Part 4: The Story Unfolds

Writer’s Block

Writing is Bucketfilling

Writing Territories

Writing Tips

You Never Know

One Response to Slice of Life

  1. Angie says:

    I really enjoyed reading your stories on here. They brought a smile to my face. 🙂

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