Dear Reader,

January 28, 2013

I love books! Actually, I love children’s books. 🙂  I have them scattered around my table, piled on the desk, stacked in a basket waiting for me to read. Sometimes the books sit there for a few minutes before I read them; others wait for weeks.

Each time I read a book, I think of an audience who might enjoy the book. It’s compelling. Sometimes I think of a particular student or teacher; other times it’s more general like a grade level or unit of study. I wonder if Katie Wood Ray has the same inclination.

As I have been reflecting on the purpose of my blogging, I realized I often visualize myself sharing the book with a particular person or group. Sometimes I visualize myself sharing the book in my session at the AllWrite!!! Summer Institute. In any case, the mini-lesson possibilities or reasons to read the book abound with whom I’m speaking.

Thus, I am going to try a different structure of sorts on my blog. I will still continue to share books, but this time, the information will be a letter format, speaking to the reader. I hope you sense me sharing the book with you as you read the entries (even if your name is not in the greeting). I want the blog to be more personal, just like I am when sharing a book with someone who I think will love it.

May you find books to connect with and enjoy!

With a smile,

Mary Helen Gensch 🙂