Carl Anderson

November 3, 2011

The AllWrite!!! Consortium here in northern Indiana provides its members with ongoing professional development.

Today I was again blessed to learn from my writing mentor, Carl Anderson. Our school was the host site for the AllWrite!!! study group for grades 2 and 3. Watching Carl confer with each child, I was reminded of the privilege we have talking with our students. We teach each student individually, nurture their growth, and celebrate their risk taking.

Carl shared a lesson on revision with third graders. He compared revision to bedhead.  He explained that all children revise in their lives. In the mornings when they look in the mirror, what do they see? Bedhead. Their hair is sticking up all over. What do they do? They comb it; they change the hair.

Writing is like bedhead. It’s messy in places and you have to do something to make it more presentable for your audience.