SOLC7: Laundry

March 7, 2016


Five jeans, three leggings, one pair of legs on the move.

Blue favorite shirt, two sweaters, wrap her up in comfort.

Fashion blouse, cute striped T-shirt, somethings new.

Socks – seven pairs, six singles, where are the missing ones?

One suitcase, three bags, hamper full of clean clothes, cosmetics and purse.

Two shopping trips, evening talks, tens days passed fast.

Snacks. Keys. Hugs.

Four flights of stairs, three roommates, Tweets, and 1000 laughs.

Laundry will come home again and so will her stories.

Elizabeth hanging out with her roommate and friend at the men's basketball game. Go Lancers!

Elizabeth hanging out with her roommate and friend at the men’s basketball game. Go Lancers!

SOLC1: Playing Hookie

March 1, 2016

Today I played hookie.

As a high school, I secretly  wanted to play hookie from school, but the guilt swarmed over me and I never dared skip. Too risky! My parents. Possible in-school suspension and my own pounding heart kept me in check. But the thought of adventuring away with a friend to have whimsical fun and a carefree day away from studies tempted me.

Today I did play hookie. I did have fun, guilt free, being swept away by my dear one. Yep. We went shopping, glorious shopping. More Elizabeth than me, but I was smiling all the same. My college daughter is home on spring break and we needed to get away. Clothes called to us and greet us with beautiful corals, teals, and spring. We laughed looking at home furnishings and imaging new beauty added to our rooms.

Words. Stories. Shared moments of times gone by were savored all day long. These were the best prizes of the day. No purchase necessary. Just time and attention as the conversation ebbed and flowed, sealing our special day. We ended our spending spree with manicures. Sitting side by side, my heart was thankful I had played hookie. I played hookie from the hurried moments, the demands of my job. My heart didn’t feel guilty. I played hookie on the “I wish I would have” thought and embraced the joy of this carefree day spent with my daughter. My smile spreads. Yep. I think I will play hookie again.

photo 2

Elizabeth’s nails are stunning. The intricate art replicates the loving heart of my daughter.

Beautiful blue! My hands remind me of mothering and the memories held.

Beautiful blue! My hands remind me of mothering and the memories held.

Taking Action {Celebrations}

October 11, 2014

20140531-222133-80493943.jpgToday I am celebrating fall break. I have spent the past two mornings reading children’s books, writing about them, and snuggling with my cats. Delightful!

Wes is home too. He has one paper to go and I spent part of this afternoon talking through ideas with him. I love helping him. Elizabeth and Tim have been laughing with the practical jokes. Wes literally ate half of Elizabeth’s French Toast as she was getting the syrup. She wouldn’t have noticed, but I couldn’t stifle my laughter.

I am figuring out how to sneak time in to read to kids. I read two different books this week and loved it!! My realization is fueling some change. (Thanks Elsie and Ramona.)


Sunshine after the rain. Gorgeous!

The sun is shining. The moon was brilliant this week. The reds in the trees are radiating. Beautiful fall.

Senior night for Elizabeth happened. Smiles from the three senior golfers. Great memories as this page turns in her life.

Congrats ladies!

Congrats ladies!

Tam and Ruth were enjoying family; I miss them. Tammy, Ruth, and I still met together, brushing off the difficulties of teaching. We shared stories, laughed, listened and laughed some more. Our spirits were uplifted. (And I shared books.)


Family / Friends {Celebrations} a little late

July 14, 2014

Wes.ElizSaturday came and I gathered my pictures to upload. My computer waited patiently for me to type. My two oldest children served as counselors at a camp for underprivileged kids. Saturday, they returned and their stories began. The house was full of reenactments, laughter, and sibling banter. Suitcases and sleeping bags, fans and pillows littered the living room floor. Hugs embraced me and thankfulness touched my ears. My kids were home and they were wiser.

The campers connected with Wes and Elizabeth. Their stories were shared and my kids listened. “Mom,” Wes said. “One senior asked why I listened. I told him I cared.” The campers were returning the next week as well and begged for my kids to return. Wes made arrangements and I began on the laundry. Thirty hours later, Wes headed back for this week.

My heart celebrates in their moments, and I’m fine with being late.

While my kids were away, I played. 🙂

While Tim went to basketball open gym, I visited the library and wrote. I could spend hours there.

While Tim went to basketball open gym, I visited the library and wrote. I could spend hours there.


I loved having my mom along on this adventure. We only saw two areas and have more to visit on another day.

I loved having my mom along on this adventure. We saw seven flower beds, two quilt shops, and have more to visit on another day.

During AllWrite!!! Elsie and Kim asked about the quilted flower gardens in northern Indiana. I hadn’t heard about them, but after seeing their pictures, I planned to go. My mom loves quilts and flowers. This was a perfect match. We asked my cousin and my sister-in-law to come as well and fun together on Wed.

barnpink flowers

My Assistant {SOL}

July 1, 2014
Listening in to Kay as she reads to Tim.

Listening in to Kay as she reads to Tim.

For the past three summers, my youngest son has been my assistant during summer school. Tim doesn’t have any extra training; he’s just a young man who is willing to help. His first year of helping, I modeled how to catch the kids acting appropriately. I remember hearing him stop mid-sentence, “Tom, stop ta…. I notice how Sam is standing quietly with his voice off. I notice Sally with her eyes on me.” After class that day, Tim said, “Hey, catching them being good really works.”

I finished teaching kindergarten two weeks ago and wouldn’t have survived without Tim. My hat is off to kindergarten teachers. These kids are inquisitive, attention-seeking, and energetic. During a read a loud, the kids would be captivated, participated, and definitely cheered for more. We had fun.

The kids loved having Tim's full attention.

The kids loved having Tim’s full attention.

During small group instruction, Tim would circulate among the students who were reading independently from their book bags. He doesn’t know any specific strategy except for listening. Tim would ask them questions and encourage each on a job well done. He also helped keep the kids focused. I loved capturing him one morning listening in. I wish I had Tim during the school year, to be a live audience and respond positively to the efforts each kid makes. Does he plan to be a teacher some day? Maybe not the professional kind, but he’s definitely learning the life lesson of assisting others.

Did I mention…? {SOL}

February 18, 2014

Did I mention my children to you lately?
Did I mention how my thoughts are on them so much these days?
Did I mention that the years, months, days now seem like hours left to share?

Did I mention how I do Wesley’s laundry so I can see a glimpse of him each week?
Did I mention he is a junior in college according to credits, is playing baseball, mastered the 6 minute mile at 5:48, is learning to throw a new pitch and looks promising to be on the varsity lineup?
Did I mention I text him just to say I am thinking and praying for him to receive a delightful, meaningful response in thanks?

Did I mention Tim is playing basketball and is a team vocal leader?
Did I mention his timid personality is changing into a confident, quiet young man, who is trusting the words of his parents and Lord?
Did I mention he loves helping the little kids during the mid-week youth activities and is learning to be responsible, trying to be gentle through play and gracious with words?

Did I mention Elizabeth loves helping people?
Did I mention she likes volunteering at the blood drive, loving on her preschool mid-week kids, teaching and admonishing them?
Did I mention the wrestling coach relies on her to take charge of the stats, equipment, and even his keys (which he continually seems to misplace)?

Did I mention my kids decide to talk to me in the middle of an activity and how I am listening?
Did I mention how time has passed too quickly for this mother of teenagers?
Did I mention how I love my children, grab hold of the moments, and tuck them into my memory?

Did I mention … these fleeting thoughts on a cold, snowy morning are just a glimpse into my heart?

Motivated {Celebrating}

February 8, 2014

I am joining in celebrating big and little accomplishments throughout the week at Ruth Ayres Writes.


I am using a new notebook to help organize my to do lists. I LOVE placing a line through accomplished tasks. Eleanor Roosevelt is one of my heros, so the cover was quite fitting!


Yesterday I wrote that I conquered my writing monster this week. I have a two page outline for a presentation March 1 on finding craft in the books you love. I just needed to get over the blank page. I am really excited now! When one snow day turns into three, I choose to be proactive and positive!


First Win:
Basketball has been a stretching experience for our freshman, Tim. The team has lost every game. Varsity has only won one. Tough season. Tim had originally planned to help out his friend to have a freshman team. Only 13 boys decided to commit to the team- total for varsity and JV. I have driven many miles to get him to practice, even on snow days. Their dedication paid off! They won last night! An exciting game for a proud mom!