SOLC14: The Voice

March 14, 2016

Monday nights, you can hear laughter, cheers and loud “Ohhhs” coming from the TV room. My husband and I do not always have the same taste in shows. He loves watching sports. I have plenty to do so TV isn’t a priority, unless it’s The Black List. We love that show. Suspenseful, passionate, adventurous.

The Voice is fun. We love the banter between the coaches and laugh. We usually record the show and fast forward the commercials. TV isn’t usually something I write about, but in the moment of watching Adam and Blake, Rick and I laugh and comment back. In a weird way, these moments bond us together. Tim joins in as well, something for the three of us. The Voice brings out our opinions, stories and best ever, laughter – our family voice.

SOLC7: Laundry

March 7, 2016


Five jeans, three leggings, one pair of legs on the move.

Blue favorite shirt, two sweaters, wrap her up in comfort.

Fashion blouse, cute striped T-shirt, somethings new.

Socks – seven pairs, six singles, where are the missing ones?

One suitcase, three bags, hamper full of clean clothes, cosmetics and purse.

Two shopping trips, evening talks, tens days passed fast.

Snacks. Keys. Hugs.

Four flights of stairs, three roommates, Tweets, and 1000 laughs.

Laundry will come home again and so will her stories.

Elizabeth hanging out with her roommate and friend at the men's basketball game. Go Lancers!

Elizabeth hanging out with her roommate and friend at the men’s basketball game. Go Lancers!

SOLC4: Italian

March 4, 2016

Friday night, my husband treated Elizabeth and I to dinner at a new Italian restaurant in town. The restaurant manager had been a coworker of Rick’s and had extended an invitation to try the cuisine. Throughout the school day, I anticipated our evening meal and the conversation to be shared. I was not disappointed. Elizabeth is working at a daycare part time and had stories to share. We laughed hearing about the cute antics kids say. Rick and I enjoyed her company and savored the moment we had. Spring break is almost finished and she will return to college. We savored our time together as well. A restaurant atmosphere slows time down and our focus is narrowed to each other. We shared some of our favorite times in our marriage with Elizabeth, some she had heard and others were new. The cuisine was delightful enriched by conversational spice.

A Mediterranean salad started the meal. I love the colors and different veggies added.

A Mediterranean salad started the meal. I love the colors and different veggies added.

Pollo de Marsala delighted my palate with delicious mushrooms, chicken and sauce.

Pollo de Marsala delighted my palate with delicious mushrooms, chicken and sauce.

SOLC1: Playing Hookie

March 1, 2016

Today I played hookie.

As a high school, I secretly  wanted to play hookie from school, but the guilt swarmed over me and I never dared skip. Too risky! My parents. Possible in-school suspension and my own pounding heart kept me in check. But the thought of adventuring away with a friend to have whimsical fun and a carefree day away from studies tempted me.

Today I did play hookie. I did have fun, guilt free, being swept away by my dear one. Yep. We went shopping, glorious shopping. More Elizabeth than me, but I was smiling all the same. My college daughter is home on spring break and we needed to get away. Clothes called to us and greet us with beautiful corals, teals, and spring. We laughed looking at home furnishings and imaging new beauty added to our rooms.

Words. Stories. Shared moments of times gone by were savored all day long. These were the best prizes of the day. No purchase necessary. Just time and attention as the conversation ebbed and flowed, sealing our special day. We ended our spending spree with manicures. Sitting side by side, my heart was thankful I had played hookie. I played hookie from the hurried moments, the demands of my job. My heart didn’t feel guilty. I played hookie on the “I wish I would have” thought and embraced the joy of this carefree day spent with my daughter. My smile spreads. Yep. I think I will play hookie again.

photo 2

Elizabeth’s nails are stunning. The intricate art replicates the loving heart of my daughter.

Beautiful blue! My hands remind me of mothering and the memories held.

Beautiful blue! My hands remind me of mothering and the memories held.

Contentment {Celebrations}

October 9, 2015

Today I am smiling with contentment. 😀

Could it be I didn’t wake to an alarm this morning? Definitely a plus!

Could it be grocery shopping is done and the refrigerator is replenished? This helps.

Could it be the Chicago Cubs won the wildcard playoff game Wednesday? A highlight for sure!

Could it be my little selective mute girl whispered louder to me this week? Melted my heart as I did a handspring inside with excitement.

Could it be I received a thank you from one of the college students I send notes of encouragementto? A genuine special note that fueled my soul.

Could it be a favorite author/illustrator, Matt Tavares, favorited a tweet and did a shout out? I did a jig for that one! Yup, yup, definitely added to my happy heart.

Could it be the shopping mall trip was a huge success, discounts and sale items keeping the total low? Absolutely this was a winner!

Could it be my daughter tweeted something I cherished, took a picture to keep forever and ever? A treasure help lovingly!

Special tweet!

Special tweet!

Could it be I woke earlier than all, made breakfast, and then waited? A clue to my big smile.

Could it be stories were shared from all five members over brunch this morning? Oh I love these moments. I savor each word.

Could it be my college kids are home from fall break AND Tim and I are on fall break too? Yes! Yes! My heart is so content today!

SOL: Heart Pounding

April 7, 2015

“License and registration,” she said. 

My heart started to pound. Once again, I was going through this agonizing process. There are specific rules we must follow. The Department does not budge, change her mind, or give in to an “I’m sorry” apology for not having the correct documentation. You better have your insurance card readily available as well. 

She looked at the papers, signaled as she headed to the car. I just sat, heart pounding. This was my third time. It didn’t matter. I was anxious! Would it be okay? How long was this going to take? I said a silent prayer that this ordeal would pass painlessly.

The clocked ticked away. She returned. Tim signaled me with a thumbs up and a smile. A sigh of relief expelled as my motherly heart began to slow down. 

“He passed his driving test,” she said. 

Our last child is now a licensed driver. “Mom, I think you were more nervous than I was,” Tim stated on the way home. He must have heard my heart pounding.

SOLC: Florida Bound

March 24, 2015

Since my daughter learned she can go to Florida with her friends and their family, her excitement has been building. I love learning what is on her mind via Twitter. image

Elizabeth and the Twins

Elizabeth and the Twins



Elizabeth apologized to one of her teachers. “Sorry, Mr. M. I don’t think I paid attention very well today in class. I am just so excited about going to Florida.”

His reply, “You’re not the only one.”

When I asked Tim if he was disappointed he couldn’t go, he just smiled. “Happy spring break to me. No sister around.”