The Web Files

May 3, 2018

Margie Palatini is one of my favorite authors. Words are fun. She brings a delightful humor to her texts that hook her readers. On her website, she has an index of literacy skills linked to her books.

The Web Files is a book full of idioms and alliteration that challenges her readers to think, to connect, to visualize. This text would be a fun readers theater to challenge the rolling tongue. Enjoy a fun activity from her website.

So you’re saying that you were robbed, is that right ma’am? What exactly is missing from the nest, ma’am? Eggs, Ma’am? Chicks, ma’am?”

“P-p-peppers,” she said with a flap.

“Peppers?” I asked.

“My perfect purple peppers that were just about ready to be pickled.”

“About how many perfect purple almost-pickled peppers would you say were pilfered, pinched, and picked? A bushel?”

“P’awk! Pawk!” she squawked. “No—a peck! A peck, I tell you! A whole purple- pepper-pickin’ peck!”  pg. 10-11

Savorings for The Web Files:

  • Humor – idioms and play on words (interweaves fairy tales and Dragnet TV series)
  • Alliteration
  • Higher level of punctuation – apostrophe with slang (horsin’ around)
  • Inference
  • Magic of 3
  • Word Choice

Nerdy Birdy Tweets

February 16, 2018

FullSizeRender (3)Two friends: Nerdy Birdy and Vulture. They are different, but they are real friends. A must-have book for my library!

Aaron Reynolds creates a delightful banter between two friends in Nerdy Birdy Tweets. Nerdy Birdy loves his video games and his new tweeter friends. Absorbed in the online media, he forgets his friend, Vulture. A story of learning to balance social media with relationships.

Check out video clips of books and interviews of Aaron Reynolds. View some of the illustrations by Matt Davies and tweets between Reynolds and Davies regarding their new book.

Savorings for Nerdy Birdy Tweets:

  • Character Traits – compare/contrast
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Perspective
  • Play on words
  • Restorative Practice
  • Friendship

Chicken soup? (dedicated to my bookloving friend, Tammy)

December 1, 2008

Mary Jane and Herm Auch have created a fun-loving book to read to your class, or just for a fun laugh yourself, in Souperchicken.  The dedication reads:  “For reading teachers everywhere.”  Teachers, you need a pat on the back, and this book is it!

The story begins:  “Henrietta loved to read.” Henrietta, the chicken, taught herself to read and finds that reading is very important.  Her aunts think that she is behind the times and needs to be laying more eggs.  Egg production was down on the farm, and so the farmer decides to send the hens on a vacation – all except Henrietta. 

With a fun play on words with phrases like “rice to the occasion“, “she’s cream of a chicken“, and “you’re wonton to keep her”, the Auchs have the farmers laughing and Henrietta wondering.  The aunts were ready for a relaxing time.  As they headed down the lane, Henrietta read the sign on the side of the truck:  Souper Soup Co.  Heading off to save her aunts, Henrietta helps other animals loaded ready for market.  She would then share her wisdom, “Please learn to read!  Reading can save your lives!”

After the grand rescue, Henrietta and her aunts retire to a vegetarian farmer’s farm.  Henrietta begins her new fabulous job:  a reading teacher.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Souperchicken:

  • Dialogue – the font seems to make the quotation marks very visible
  • Play on Words – “Yep, just simmer down and relax.”
  • Problem and solution – several attempts
  • Love of reading
  • Repeating line – “please learn to read