SOL: Lion or Lamb

March 1, 2018

March 1st blew in with visions of sunshine and green.

Golf cupcakes at Tim’s graduation last June. Green.

Green wishes. Sunshine hope.

Yesterday 56 degrees. 🙂

Rain this morning.

Ting. Ting on the window alerted my sense to – wait… SNOW?!

Walking in to class, I overheard the teacher sharing. “March first. In like a lion; out like a lamb.”

Shaking off the dismal cold, I smiled. Sunshine, you are coming!


SOLC: Morning Delights

February 28, 2012

Morning Delights

Sunrise brushed pink

a kiss from my sweetest

deer spotting in the field

my daughter’s glow

Sunshine streaming down

an “I love you, Mom” from my teenage son

the expectation of connecting with the Slice of Life community

SOLC: Happy Birthday

January 31, 2012

My daughter is fifteen today. Fifteen.


She is beautiful, loving, and FIFTEEN.

She interacts with friends easily,

participates in class, and in general, is helpful.

She’s daddy’s girl with his true, blue eyes,

loves golf and smiling with him.

She’s adored, cherished, and protected

by dad plus two brothers. 🙂

She advocates for herself and others who don’t.

She’s a good friend, a listener and encourager.

She’s a flutist, a freshman, and

giggles incessantly at the little things.

She’s my only daughter, the young lady who shares her dreams,

makes my heart swell with joy, love, and admiration.

Her smiles and written words are posted nearby,

melting my heart.

My daughter is fifteen, FIFTEEN!

I love her.

Happy Birthday, E!

SOLC: Sunshine

January 10, 2012


I love sunshine.

Sunshine brightens my day.

Sunshine brings hope and joy to a cold day, to any day.

We enjoyed the Florida sunshine for the first time over break.

I returned home with sunshine in my heart.

With snow in the forecast and freezing temperatures, my heart will be sunshine for others.

Rays of smiles will greet my students.

Splashes of laughter will fill surprising moments.

Warmth of assurance will envelope struggles.

Sunshine will prevail.

I Love my Mama

December 12, 2011

In a rhythmic, narrative, the reader ambles after the toddler elephant in the jungle. Interwoven emotion brings to life the love of a parent and her child in I Love My Mama. Peter Kavanagh presents intriguing facts your young students will comprehend. It’s a creative way to connect a nonfiction text on elephants.

Compare and contrast the relationship, daily events, and setting of the elephant and humans. You can also talk about fact and opinion. This discussion will lend itself to some research. Learn ten facts about baby elephants at this link.

The YouTube video clip (2 min.) shows a baby “Baylor” elephant interacting with his mother at the Houston Zoo.

Savorings for reading and in writing for I Love My Mama:

  • Bookends – love between mama and her calf
  • Setting Lead
  • “inging” words (word part vs. present participle verb) – morning, nothing vs. stomping, playing
  • Theme – family’s bond
  • Poetic narrative



Slice of Life: Mittens

March 4, 2010

Fun loving

tail whisping

fluffy fur ball

— Mittens

“She’s so cute!”

“I love her!”

my daughter adores

— Mittens

Softly purring

sweetly cuddling

our new kitten

— Mittens