Kids {Celebrations}

November 9, 2014

20140531-222133-80493943.jpgKids. Students. Munchkins. They are more than part of our job. They are little people we love, invest, and inspire each day.

I am celebrating the hugs from Isabella, the smiles from Chris, and the anticipation from Felicity.

I am celebrating the light-bulb igniting in Keegan, the triumph in Howie, and the trust in Jade.

I am celebrating the knowledge gained in Aiden, the horse-telling stories from Ariah, and the spur of the moment hug from Xander.

One moment this past week made my day. I wrote his comment down immediately. George knew he made me feel special that day and I appreciated it.

We were working on learning the difference the silent e makes in words, changing from a short vowel sound in a CVC word to a long vowel sound in a CVCe word. After seeing the difference between words, the kids began to write the words: cap to cape; hop to hope; Sam to same. They were hearing the 3 sounds but kept forgetting the silent e. All of a sudden, George’s eyes lit up. “I got it!” and he wrote the word fine instead of fin.

I smiled and replied,”How did you get so smart?”

Pointing at me smiling, George said, “Because I have a such a great teacher!”

SOL: Who Signed Me Up for This?

August 23, 2011

School has begun. The first day of school I spent some time helping in a kindergarten class. The students were putting their supplies and beginning a coloring paper at the table. One little boy kept getting out of his seat and walking around. On Back to School Night, he had introduced himself to his teacher. “I Dominick. I 5. I run” and proceeded to run around the class.

After thirty minutes into class, the teacher had the children on the carpet, reading a story. Little Dom got up, tapped his teacher on the shoulder, and pronounced, “I done. You take me home now.”

I stifled a laugh.

After sharing the story with my senior son, he said, “He’s got a loooong educational career ahead of him.”

SOL 31: Kids Say the Cutest Things

March 31, 2011

I have had more fun with kindergarten kids this year. They say the cutest things.

Daily I work with two boys on language skills. We play the “wh” game. They roll the dice to correlating word cards. I ask a question that begins with who, what, where, when, why, or how.

Matt rolled a “who” question. I read: “Who is in charge of the school?”

Matt smiled and said, “Teachers.”

I said, “Okay. Teachers are in charge of children at school. Who is in charge of the teachers?”

The young boy thought and then smiled. “The janitor!”

Our PTO president was nearby and heard the comment. She turned and commented, “Well, I guess Mrs. I (our principal) does clean up messes.”

When I saw Mr. O, our custodian,  and told him about Matt’s comment, he said, “I wouldn’t want to clean up Mrs. I’s messes.”