Everywhere, Wonder

April 5, 2018

Writer, Matthew Swanson, and illustrator, Robbi Behr, collaborate to create books. Read their story here or Google their YouTube video of what it’s like to collaborate together.

In Everywhere, Wonder, emphasis is placed on children noticing the world around them. Reading books brings new lands and climates alive. The information we gather can then be used to create our own stories to share. Matthew and Robbi created a printable book for kids to share their stories. I would love for each classroom to read and discuss this book. It’s a wonderful mentor text for sharing at the beginning of collecting ideas in notebooks for narratives and nonfiction possibilities.

Savorings for Everywhere, Wonder:

  • Story to share
  • Noticing. Observing the world around you.
  • Sensory detail
  • Geography. Climates
  • Visualizing
  • Wondering – how to ask questions about what you notice

Will You Read to Me?

August 12, 2011

Denys Cazet pens an adorable narrative that will capture an book lover’s heart. Hamlet, the pig, loves to read and write. With a notebook in hand, Hamlet notices his surroundings and writes. His sensory description captures the beauty of the moment. His sentiment for literature is not shared by his family, though. As Hamlet consistently asks, “Will You Read to Me?‘,  his pig parents seem to be interested in other daily activities, such as eating.

Searching for someone to share his poetry with, Hamlet takes to interacting with his reflection. Unbeknown to him, an animal audience listens and asks for more. Surprised, yet pleased, Hamlet obliges.

Savorings for reading and in writing for “Will You Read to Me?”:

  • Hybrid text – narrative with poetry inlaid
  • Sensory Detail
  • Living like a Writer
  • Child-like conversation
  • Past-tense verbs – shouted, shoved, pushed
  • Magic of 3 – “The breeze rattled the cattails, brushed Hamlet’s face, and then it was quiet.”