Stick the Frog

October 5, 2011

A frog named Stick is very independent minded for a young creature. He informs his mom he likes to do things by himself. And the adventure begins in Stick.

Steve Breen ignites excitement from one scene to the next. Stick tries to snatch a fly from the sky with his tongue. As he does, a dragon-fly passes by and his tongue gets stuck. Stick is carried away, carried away through the Louisiana Bayou.

Each cartoon frame show the frog zooming pass near misses of alligator snaps and frog-leg-lovin cook. He sails into a city and gets carried by balloons. Finally, Stick is homesick. Finally, he asks for help to return home.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Stick:

  • Setting
  • Wordless book – zeros in on the adventure
  • Tension – children need to learn to add tension to their pieces. By focusing on the pictures, they can create a joint shared writing experience and practice tension.
  • Prediction
  • Map of bays/tip of Louisiana
  • Community building – learning to ask for help