SOL: Brain or Feet Tired

My oldest son started working at a restaurant as a host this past week. He’s able to go to school for three hours in the morning and then work. During his training he’s been working four hours.

One day, his manager asked him to work nine hours. “No problem,” he said.

When he came home, he changed into casual clothes and plopped on the couch. “I’m so tiiirred,” he said.

“Do your feet hurt?” I inquired.

“No, my head. I’m tired from saying with a smile, ‘Hello! Welcome to Applebee’s. How is your day going?’ ‘Wonderful. I hope you enjoy your dinner.’ Or the occasional customer who was forlorn,”Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Well I hope you will find your dinner enjoyable.’ over and over and over again for nine hours. My brain is tired.”

I chuckled. Who would have thought being nice would wear a person out so much?

8 Responses to SOL: Brain or Feet Tired

  1. So funny! It is fun to watch kids learn that dealing with people nicely does take a lot of effort. He’s obviously doing a great job! I love the dialogue.

  2. the other ruth says:

    This story is awesome whether told in person or in writing–and I get to be lucky enough to have heard it both ways!
    Still love this!

  3. Linda Baie says:

    We learn something even when it hurts. I liked the way you led us into the story with the intro, to wonder what would happen after NINE hours. Great lead in.

  4. elsie says:

    I’m surprised his face didn’t hurt from smiling so long. Love the way you told this, it made me laugh.

  5. Tammy says:

    This made me laugh out loud! It reminds me when my older daughters worked waitressing. Yes… they made good money, yes… they were tired, yes…they had no time to run around with friends….and YES they really wanted to go to college to find another career. So true…keep smiling!

  6. JenniferM says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t say BOTH! Makes me think of when I had a summer job dipping ice cream… by the time I got to leave at midnight, I was brain tired, arm tired, and feet tired! It’s funny how saying the same thing over and over again in a chipper way to customers can make you “brain tired” — or at least “brain numb”!

  7. Tam says:

    Those little lessons through experience go a long way and an appreciation for what you do! Truly a slice.

  8. Stacey says:

    I bet hosting *is* tiring. The fact that his face hurt reminds me of all the smiling I did on my wedding day. That was a day MY face hurt.

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