Life’s Road Bumps = Success Mixed With Struggle {Celebration}

May 17, 2015

A nearby strip mall has road bumbs paralleling the entrances. The slight up/down movement annoys me. A smooth road is the preferred. My face grimaces as I ride over the bump. Obstacles. Who wants them? Not me. But I see beyond the annoyance to the purpose. Safety. Caution. Alertness. By adjusting to the road bumb, I notice more. My attention is heightened.

This year feels like it’s been filled with road bumps, some spaced closer than expected. Low energy, never-ending cycles, unknowns interrupted my days. One day at a time became my motto. Diligent, my one little word for the year, strengthened my determination. I feel like I have been plodding along having mini-successes along the way thru the road of bumpy struggles. 

Yet I smile. I haven’t blogged as much, but have notebook entries and a new presentation. Read fewer books, but have learned to tweet and be inspired thru testimonies of others. My house seems like a never-ending-revolving-door of school activities and “Mom, can you help me?” pleas from my kids, but I am cancer free.  Laundry overflows just as the last shirt is hung.  Our oldest brings college friends over and food is consumed. In an afternoon of homecoming, the straightened house is piled with belongings announcing his summer homecoming. The yard is a jungle as golf matches capture my attention. Application deadlines and essays written heighten tension, yet scholarships have been awarded. All of these things are road bumps purposefully causing me to be alert. 

In the midst of organized chaos, the success of family blooms. The nuggets of success fill my heart with passion for loving the moment. I cling to my dreams of smooth cruising roads, but realize bumps will always be there. It’s learning to adjust my speed that makes this life journey a success.

SOL: Heart Pounding

April 7, 2015

“License and registration,” she said. 

My heart started to pound. Once again, I was going through this agonizing process. There are specific rules we must follow. The Department does not budge, change her mind, or give in to an “I’m sorry” apology for not having the correct documentation. You better have your insurance card readily available as well. 

She looked at the papers, signaled as she headed to the car. I just sat, heart pounding. This was my third time. It didn’t matter. I was anxious! Would it be okay? How long was this going to take? I said a silent prayer that this ordeal would pass painlessly.

The clocked ticked away. She returned. Tim signaled me with a thumbs up and a smile. A sigh of relief expelled as my motherly heart began to slow down. 

“He passed his driving test,” she said. 

Our last child is now a licensed driver. “Mom, I think you were more nervous than I was,” Tim stated on the way home. He must have heard my heart pounding.

SOLC: Celebrating Last Week

March 30, 2015


My parents 51st wedding anniversary.

Wesley calling, sharing about baseball and college.

Elizabeth texting updates from Florida fun.

Tim helping with chores (and talking too), sharing Chinese for lunch.

March madness cheering.

Girl talk with Melody.

Returning to a collaborative staff.

Being greeted with delightful, “Yeah. You’re back!” from children.

The cooks giving me hugs (they are so delightful!)

Reading posts and smiling.

Receiving comments from Slicing friends, old and new.



SOLC: Walking Backwards

March 28, 2015

The distance between the Title I room and the first grade hallway is looong, especially for little legs. When my room was changed this year, I began pondering the amount of time it would take to walk, the children’s behavior, and the instructional time. Normally, my assistants and I service small groups, ranging from 1 – 4 students each. Interactive Writing with first graders is different. We have sixteen students for the initial teaching, modeling sentences and word parts. Midway during the thirty minute segment, we separate into groups for practice of the sentence(s) just modeled. The effects of this writing time has been immensely effective.

But the walk.

Time is precious. A sense of urgency fuels me.

I began to walk backwards, using the time to practice sight words. I have command of their attention and have their brains thinking. We use hands in the air techniques and little chants at times to remember the tricky “heart words”, those words you must know by heart to spell. Thankfully, the first part of the long hallway houses the cafeteria, principal’s office, and front office. I introduce the words and we practice chorally. As we pass individual classrooms, whisper voices are initiated and individual students are called on to answer.

So if you come to Pierceton Elementary, you might see me coming down the hall walking backwards with a group of students learning.

SOLC: Kindergarten Excitement

March 27, 2015

Kids were definitely excited about their upcoming spring break, including my own children.

One of my kindergartners said they were going to a hotel “with a great big pool to go swimming in.” Pete’s excitement continued to grow, eyes widening as he continued telling me about the trip.

“Yeah. The best thing about the hotel is that it has a hot tub. And you know what, Mrs. Gensch, it is really HOT!” I tried to stifle a laugh. “It is sooo hot, my body gets hot.”

I wonder if that is why it is called a hot tub?!

SOLC: Florida Bound

March 24, 2015

Since my daughter learned she can go to Florida with her friends and their family, her excitement has been building. I love learning what is on her mind via Twitter. image

Elizabeth and the Twins

Elizabeth and the Twins



Elizabeth apologized to one of her teachers. “Sorry, Mr. M. I don’t think I paid attention very well today in class. I am just so excited about going to Florida.”

His reply, “You’re not the only one.”

When I asked Tim if he was disappointed he couldn’t go, he just smiled. “Happy spring break to me. No sister around.”

SOLC: On my Mind

March 22, 2015

Not much time to craft something special.

Thoughts on my mind:

Parents anniversary – 51 years. Wow!

I start back to school tomorrow. Lasagna, salad, fruit for supper.

Elizabeth heading to Florida on Friday. Much to do before she leaves.

Five school meetings to bring me up to date.

I start back to school tomorrow, hoping I don’t tire in the afternoon.

Wes pitched well yesterday. Hope Hannah is okay (line drive softball to the face) Ouch!

Five days until Spring Break. Tim is ready to have time without his sister.

Jeans this week as a fund raiser for Jana (colleague has been in the hospital since Dec. 17 – fighting)

I start back to school tomorrow, ready to embrace hugs and laugh in the halls, and lunch with Angie, Vicki.

It will be okay.


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