Rosa Parks

February 4, 2009

What a remarkable woman Rosa Parks was.  Her name is famous with children as the lady who refused to move on the bus.  But, Rosa Parks was so much more.  She believed in respect of equal rights.

I have a book called I am Rosa Parks by Rosa Parks with Jim Haskins.  Rosa shared her thoughts that day she stayed in her seat.  She said, “Some people think I kept my seat because I’d had a hard day, but that is not true.  I was just tired of giving in.”  Rosa didn’t plan on the events of that day; she just wanted to be treated as an equal.

During Black History Month, I hope that you take the time to talk with your students about being kind, accepting, and respectful of each other.

I hope that children today will grow up without hate.  I hope they wil learn to respect one another, no matter what color they are.  Rosa Parks”

Savorings for reading and in writing for I am Rosa Parks:

  • First person narrative
  • Narrative scenes as supportive examples
  • Timeline
  • Character thinking