This Moment

IMG_0904A robin flies across the yard, landing on the fence line. Its head turns one way and shifts slightly more. In a quick swoop to the ground, pluck, a worm dangles. It sits there for a moment before flying on. Makes me wonder: are there babies awaiting?


Sunshine makes the yard sparkle. Blades of grass raise their hands waving friendly salutations to each other. Dandelions annoyingly poke through but I do love that brilliant yellow.

IMG_0926Two kittens peak from the shed. They stealthy creep and, snap, pounce a mysterious leaf. A twig is batted and plucked as an imaginary playmate. Mama saunters over, a loving lick given and a purr at my heels. 

I stand nearby waiting and then reach to hold these bundles of joy. Blue eyes look and accept as I embrace. The sun greets me and teases a smile from my face. For a long moment I allow sunshine warmth to sweep grief to the closet.

Hello May. My focus is on you.


9 Responses to This Moment

  1. elsie says:

    I knew I was going to love being in your world just from the title. You allowed me to savor the peace and beauty of nature with you. Perfect photos to pair with your thoughts. Is there anything cuter than kittens?

  2. Ahh May… what happened to you? Snow is arriving here tomorrow…😱😱😱😱. I want your spring😊

  3. Terje says:

    The living breathing spring scenes are filled with moments of joy.

  4. Judy Curtiss says:

    Such a delightful post and one that has made me smile. The sunshine always brings out the best in all of us. Thanks for sharing your morning sunshine

  5. Julie says:

    The imagery here is so beautiful–this demands to be re-read and savored.

  6. Ruth Ayres says:

    What sweet pictures, Mary Helen. I love the way you intentionally crafted this post to allow us to experience Spring in your corner of the world. Beautiful!

  7. This made me notice all these often overlooked pleasures with you. This insight, “The sun greets me and teases a smile from my face. For a long moment I allow sunshine warmth to sweep grief to the closet.“ captured me. There is peace and restoration packed into God’s creation.

  8. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    I am playing catch-up today! I love how you wrote this in the present tense because it makes me experience it right along with you! I love the image of blades of grass waving friendly salutations. And I have loved seeing your pictures of the kittens!! Happy May!

  9. Ramona says:

    Your words are balm for my soul this morning. “For a long moment I allow sunshine warmth to sweep grief to the closet.” Your kitten pics bring sunshine to my days.

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