Squishy Mud

July 14, 2009

What is it with children and mud?  Some magical force draws children to the squishy mud like a magnet to iron.  Mary Lyn Ray captures this fun-loving moment in her book, Mud.  The illustrations are large, full, and inviting.  They remind me of what a child might focus on and draw in their pictures.  You can almost feel the mud squeezing its way through your toes.

Mud features the awakening of the spring season.   Although a shorter text, narrative nonfiction is packed with perfect description.  As author Barbara Morrow says, “Each word counts!

Savorings for reading and in writing for Mud:

  • Simile – “A cold sweet smell rises in the ground, like sap in the snow.”
  • Personification – “By morning brown leaves loosen from their frozen drifts and run...”
  • Varied Sentences
  • Alliteration – squish, squck, sop, splat, slurp
  • Magic of 3 – “Come spring.  Come grass.  Come green.”