SOL: A Bee Story to Celebrate 500!

Yesterday during my second grade group, O said, “There’s a bee flying around there, Mrs. Gensch.” I looked up at the light and sure enough, one was buzzing around. It’s October. What is a bee doing in my room? I usually ignore the flying creature, but A chimed in, “I think I may be allergic to bees.” This announcement caught my attention.

“What do you mean by maybe allergic?” I pried with a concerned look. The bee continued to buzz around, dipping closer to us. What lotion did I put I today anyway? I thought to myself. Bees are attracted to different fragrances. Maybe it is my hairspray? For goodness sakes, stay away, I commanded the annoying pest.

“Oh, my mom is allergic to them. My dad is and so are both of my sisters. So I think I might be,” she stated matter-of-factly. My look of “And tell me more please” spurred her on.
“Oh, I have never been stung.”

That did it. I grabbed a book and headed over to the window where the bee was banging against the pane. I thought about calling our custodian (who is a gem by the way) but that would take too long. I had reading to get to and this little, distracting gnat was not going to get in my way of teaching.

SMACK! Got it!

O, A, and C had been watching me the entire time. They cheered when the critter was smushed. “Wait! There is another one,” O pointed out from a safe distance. By golly, he was right. Another bee was bashing its head against the window. “Yes I wish you were outside,” I stated aloud.

WHACK! It fell dead on the window sill. “Whew!” A stated wiping her forehead.

Yes, I was thankful too. Seeing the unmoving bug lying there, I noticed several others, like twenty or more. What???? More have been in my room?!

We finished group time, accomplishing my primary goal. Then I hunted Mike, our custodian, and told him the story of the bee annoyance in my room. I am anxious to be rid of these! And I definitely do not want an “I think I might be allergic” child having an attack in my room. Look out bees! You will NOT conquer me.

(This story is in honor of my friend and writer, Tammy Shultz. She has the BEST bee story ever and hopefully you all will hear someday. Our BONS writing group have enjoyed her story. Today marks my 500th post and I am so glad to honor the stories we share. Hugs to you friends!)



Fireworks please!

I am jumping for joy at this accomplishment. It surprises me. Little by little this summer, I have been watching the numbers. Only a few more. Gather some more. Share. Grow. Now it’s here.

Today as I readied myself for my Slice of Life this week, the number flashed at me like neon lights. My smile grew. This accomplishment is something I am celebrating! Ice cream may be in order! 🙂

Yes, today I have written my 500th post.


11 Responses to SOL: A Bee Story to Celebrate 500!

  1. elsie says:

    First, I say congratulations to you! I am almost half way to your accomplishment, so I know the joy that number must bring.
    Second, the way the story unfolded with the bees was perfect! Your inner thoughts (I had reading to get to, and others) had me smiling all the way through. This is a perfect mentor text for capturing such a small moment in time. You do know how to tell a story.
    Third, I want to hear the bee story from Tammy next June. So let her know that is on the agenda when we reunite at All Write (notice I said when, not if. I’m channeling positive thoughts for this to happen again. :-))

  2. I am jumping for joy, too and I am enjoying the fireworks! Job well done. The everyday wonders that a classroom experience provides were nicely captured in your bee story! There is ALWAYS something! I trust the bee problem was solved with not one sting!

  3. Congrats on your 500th post. That’s a milestone worthy of a celebration, MaryHelen!

    AND, kudos to you for catching the bee. You really unfolded that experience bit by bit. The climax of the slice was expertly executed (pun intended).
    “WHACK! It fell dead on the window sill. “Whew!” A stated wiping her forehead.”

  4. Two years and finishing strong... says:

    Wow…congrats on the 500th. It makes my 150 pale in comparison. I love reading your writing and can just see you keeping the kiddos safe in your cozy den! I love looking at your books in the background too. I hope I can get to 500 some day. xo

  5. newtreemom says:

    WOW!!! 500!!! That is a great accomplishment!
    And the story is worthy of its place! Just an ordinary moment, yet so full of detail, you had us there in the room.

    (Maybe A’s mom should give you a kit to have on hand just in case a bee ever does try to prove A is allergic…)

  6. This last comment left me agreeing. They should tell you if they believe it might be serious. You had me the entire telling, Mary Helen! Great 500th post for a celebration!! Congratulations!

  7. Carol says:

    Congratulations on post #500! Definitely an accomplishment! I want to know where all those bees came from!

  8. Tam says:

    Congratulations, Mary Helen. I love your kids’ reactions and comments. You always remember to put in dialogue which makes your stories soar. Does this mean we can all have ice cream today!!

  9. Tammy Shultz says:

    You are awesome…#500…yeah!!! Now you are putting the pressure on me to write the BEE story! 🙂

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