SOL: An Epiphany in the Laundry Room

Laundry.  Just saying the word creates a sigh.  A young mother once asked me, “Does it (the laundry) ever end?”  I smiled and shook my head.

As a veteran mother of three children, I have often wondered how many hours aI spend in the laundry room.  Darks, whites, baseball uniforms, gym clothes, work shirts, socks.  Over and over and over, the laundry is gathered, sorted, washed, dried, folded, and put away.  Just writing the words creates the routine.  A routine that is so necessary in running a household of five.

If I ever build a new home, I’m making the laundry room a priority.  Better Homes and Garden magazine shows elaborate, well-organized laundry rooms.  I do not consider that a luxury anymore.  Rather, I see it as being a necessity.

As I was once again sorting laundry one morning, I decided that listening to my favorite music might improve my attitude.  And it has.

When I begin my laundry routine, I flip the radio on, and my favorite station begins playing music.  The music is very inspiring.  It lifts my spirits and energizes me.  Yes, it boosts my mood.  It’s not like I want to do more laundry, but I have decided to make the situation better.

So until my dream laundry room is built, I will renovate my thoughts by turning on the music.

6 Responses to SOL: An Epiphany in the Laundry Room

  1. elsie says:

    I will have to admit, yes there was an end to laundry for me. My husband retired, I didn’t. He decided he had the time to take on the task. So, now I don’t have do laundry. It is a nice feeling.

  2. Deb Day says:

    My laundry didn’t totally end, but once the boys were on their own, it sure slowed down–and my husband does his own! Now it is a job I don’t mind doing!

  3. Diana says:

    I have to admit, I don’t hate laundry. I get a sense of satisfaction looking at a semi-neatly folded basket of laundry. And when doing laundry, it is easy to multi-task. You can throw a load in and then do something else at the same time.

  4. T. Hess says:

    “renovating your thoughts”–good way to say staying positive but you added a new dimension–a new way of doing your laundry! Women are chock full of talent!

  5. the other ruth says:

    I have laundry-room envy too! Mine is more of a closet really, and our house always seems to have piles of laundry somewhere. Living room piles waiting to be folded, bedroom piles waiting to be washed, hallway piles sorted and waiting for their turn in the washer….and the baskets that are never empty.
    Love that you shared this–I found myself nodding all the way through!

  6. Kristina Thompson says:

    I used to really dislike laundry until I read something about how people can know a lot about other people just by looking through their trash. I think it is true about their laundry also, maybe not the fine details you would get from trash, but you would learn some generalizations. For instance, you could guess the ages of their children and what activities they were interested in. You could guess what kind of occupations the people had. Were they dirty clothes like the man works in a coal mine or in the oil field, or were there lots of dress clothes, like he works in an office of some sort? You could tell the sizes of their beds, and the color scheme of their bathrooms. You could tell if there was a baby in the house or an elderly person in the house. Anyway, just that thought made me appreciate my laundry. Yes, appreciate it. When washing my son’s wrestling uniforms and practice clothes week after week, instead of disliking it, I appreciated the fact that it wouldn’t be long before this phase in his life would be over, and that I sure would miss washing wrestling clothes because that meant I didn’t have a wrestler any more. When I wash my husband’s clothes, I appreciate the fact that he has a good job, even though he sure gets dirty sometimes. And after having two friends whose husbands passed away quite unexpectedly in the last year and a half, I sure appreciate that he is here to wear all of those clothes. I guess I decided it was better to look at the positive side. I sure appreciate that I have these people to share my life with, and because of that, I appreciate all those clothes that they wear for me to wash. 🙂

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