Ron’s Big Mission

Ron's Big MissionRon McNair had a dream.  He dreamed of flying a plane.  The book Ron’s Big Mission shares another dream he had – checking out his own library books.  The authors, Rose Blue and Corinne J. Naden, share Ron’s determination on our summer day in 1959.

I love the fact that Ron had a thirst for knowledge.  He visited the Lake City Library frequently, being the “best customer.”  At that time, laws prohibited African-Americans from checking books out.  No today.  Today, Ron wanted to check the books out and displays his determination.

At the end of the story, an author’s note shares that Ron McNair did fulfill his dream of flying and also became an astronaut.  On January 28, 1986, Ron lost his life when the Challenger space shuttle blew up.  Ron’s memory lives on at Lake City Library.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Ron’s Big Mission:

  • Predicting – He had “something important to do.”
  • Character Traits – determined, boy with a plan
  • Show and Tell Feelings – “Ron felt nervous and his hands felt a little sweaty.”
  • One Day happening – going to the library
  • Tension – 3 trial solutions prior to getting his library card
  • Magic of 3 – “He took a deep breath, lifted his head high, and went inside.”
  • Ellipse – end of story

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  1. the other ruth says:

    Boy MH, you have a knack for finding great books. Thanks for sharing!

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