Author: Marilyn Singer

Author Tidbits: a Pleasing Bit of Information

Author Marilyn Singer is someone who I have just met. Well, I haven’t met her personally, but I have just stumbled upon one of her brilliantly authored books, What is Your Dog Doing? (I posted about this book yesterday.)

Teaching children the importance of authors adds to your writer’s workshop community. As I learn to read like a writer, I want to know how the writer crafts her books as well as where she gains her idea. By learning from the authors, I often find springboard ideas for my writing. Kids do to.

When you read a book to your class, many times a child or two will become excited and have a connection. Books, stories, illustrations spark memories and ideas for each of us to write about.

I guess that’s why I fell in love with the book, What is Your Dog Doing? Although the text took Marilyn a while to rhyme and craft perfectly, the idea behind the book is something young children can relate to.

Then, I noticed the grammar of the book – many pages have two-word sentences. This book will be great to use with upper grades when you teach the Smack Down sentence activity by Jeff Anderson. (Diane, I thought of you when I read this book.)

Marilyn is well-known for her poetry. She has a section on her website with Ten Tips to Writing Poetry. Looking through her website, I found a book I do know and didn’t realize Marilyn was the author, Prairie Dogs Kiss and Lobsters Wave.

Other tips on her website are as follows:

Take some time and learn from the author, Marilyn Singer. I’m impressed.


2 Responses to Author: Marilyn Singer

  1. Marilyn Singer says:

    Thanks much for the lovely review and comments!

    Marilyn Singer

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