Slice of Life 2: Kindergarten Innocence

I love remembering fun moments in the day.   Watching young children, they often enjoy life and are easy going.  I can learn a lot from them.   We’ve been working on community and helping each other through the learning process.  We celebrate each others learning.  This slice of life will bring much laughter to me each time I think of these boys.

I have been working in a kindergarten class as a literacy coach this past week.  This one particular day, I had finished the mini-lesson and was dismissing the youngsters to their seats.  Wanting to reinforce the colors they had been working on, I began by saying, “Girls with brown hair may return to their seats.”  A little boy, Max, was  sitting next to a colleague’s son, Brian.  Max innocently turned to Max, pointing to his hair and asking, “Is my hair brown?”

Without missing a beat, Brian gave him a quizzical look and said, “Dude, your not even a girl!”  I couldn’t help myself.  I began to chuckle.  Oh, the innocence of kindergartners.

One Response to Slice of Life 2: Kindergarten Innocence

  1. girlgriot says:

    Too cute. I’ll bet Max couldn’t understand what Brian was on about!

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