SOLSC: Connecting with the SOLSC Community

For the past few hours, I have spent reading and reading and commenting on different SOLSC blogs. I LOVE reading the stories, and since my time was interrupted yesterday (my sister-in-law from Iowa called and we talked for 2 hours), I needed to catch up on some reading. I usually do not have the privilege of spending this much time; I just chose to cut my Sunday afternoon nap short. I am connecting with others and am learning to be a better writer, teacher, mother, person by reading.

Commenting is powerful too. I was thinking about the comments people have been sharing with me. Each one is a treasure, an affirmation of my trying to mold words into a meaning for others to understand. I say trying because the SOLSC allows me to slice a draft in which I play with words, try new structures, and reflect. I had not planned to slice about connecting today, but I am feeling the connection. I want to say: Thank You. 

Last year, the connection led me to meet people. My notebook filled with ideas from others and spurred me on to think in new ways. Creativity blossoms through each post.  I hope you connect with others as you share your story and grow. The joy of SOLSC community leaves me with joy and excitement, receiving tiny presents of validation, time, and insight.

My family calls me now, so Slice On! and I will connect again tomorrow (and the next day and the next and the next.)


13 Responses to SOLSC: Connecting with the SOLSC Community

  1. elsie says:

    The connecting with people is amazing! I love reading and noting the different styles, wondering if I could write like that. All this in only four days, I can’t wait to see what happens the rest of the month.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    Mary Helen, I hope some others who are new read this. I am reading & commenting as fast as I can & you are right-there are new treasures out there! Just wanted to compliment you on this thought-filled post!

  3. karidyer says:

    It’s amazing how much even just one comment can fuel me. They keep me going when the writing gets hard, when the ideas or the perfect words don’t come. I love that this community is so supportive of one another. What a unique opportunity to connect with others!

  4. Racheal says:

    I agree, as a student comments are very helpful to my writing.

  5. the other ruth says:

    You nit the nail on the head MH–the connections are what keep us going. Thanks for reaching out to so many!

  6. Michelle says:

    It is such a powerful community and it is amazing how a simple comment makes us smile, makes us want to write again, makes us believe we are writers. Just think of what this type of community would do for our students? My 4th and 5th grade students are participating this year, but they are writing for themselves in a notebook. I thinking about how I want to change that for next year — so they can feel what you and I feel each and every day we write. Thank you for your thoughts today!

  7. Thanks for the post. I am new to the community and it is exciting to read so many different posts. I did not realize I would Ned time to read and respond as well this month. This part of the fun. I can tell there will be some late night reading this month. Thanks!

  8. “mold my words into meaning”

    I like this phrase! It is nice to take time to soak in everyone’s words, isn’t it? I am so glad I met you in addition to connecting through our blogs. The connections fostered here are invaluable to me.

  9. Amanda says:

    So true! It’s amazing how much writing and reading breeds more writing and more reading and so on!! As the first weekend in our journey, I was curious to see which students would continue slicing. There were a few. Those are the students who I feel will someday be slicing and connecting as adults! The community we create is very powerful indeed! Thanks for your post today!

  10. Donna Smith says:

    Yes, this is an incredible group. I’m reading and commenting as fast as I can. Can’t possibly comment on all unless we don’t have meals or clean clothes! But I’m still writing and reading and commenting as long as I have food to eat and something to wear!

  11. Lovely post. Found it very thoughtful and unhurried. Reading such inspiring posts does feed one’s soul. Think we all are trying to find the balance between reading, writing, blogging and commenting.

  12. Jama says:

    Mary Helen, I came over to see what you were writing, because you commented so sweetly on my Sunday nap. Thank you for your encouragement. I see that you gave up your Sunday nap to find time to share. Thank you for your sacrifice. It means a lot to me.

    You are right. The connection with the SOLSC community is very powerful. This is my first year to participate, and it is my new motivation. I love your idea of saving meaningful treasures that I find. I hadn’t figured that out yet. Thank you so much!

  13. I love the words “Slice on” – it is definitely a movement!

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